Life coaching is a professional and confidential relationship, in which a coach provides support to develop skills, resources, and creativity, piercing old barriers in order to achieve specific goals in life. Life coaching is a practice that empowers you to create a more satisfying career, greater abundance and loving relationships, and in general, to achieve the life you’ve always wanted.
The duration varies by individual, based on balancing other life obligations. Some people can finish in as little as 3-4 months, but others can take 6-8 months, depending on the time they dedicate to this process.
The goal of the program is to enhance your personal growth across many integrated areas e.g. relationships, career, financial abundance, etc., as well as insight with any immediate challenge or issue. In addition, we will focus on rewiring old habits of false-self thinking while moving you into a consistently positive mindset. Ultimately, the program is customized and tailored to fulfill your specific needs. Each individual has different skills they would like to work on, so the program takes different paths for each participant.
An initial payment of $250 is due upon acceptance of the coaching agreement. Thereafter a $1,000 monthly payment will be made prior to the first session of each month.
The program includes four 60-minute sessions each month – two by phone and two in person.
You, the client, are responsible for contacting me, the coach, via telephone at the scheduled time.
It is your responsibility to call my office and schedule your four sessions each month.
Please give me at least 24 hours notice and we can reschedule.
We will spend more time before you leave or after you return.
We will work around the situation.
We will make it up to ensure you still have four sessions in the same month.
If this happens, please leave a message for me with information on where you can be reached. (If I don’t call you back within 7 minutes, the call is on me!)
You may email or call me between our scheduled sessions if you need advice, have a problem, or cannot wait to share a success with me. I enjoy providing this extra level of service, but I do ask that you keep the extra calls to 5-10 minutes in length. I shall respond to most calls or emails within 24 hours.
I do not bill for additional time of this type, but I do ask that the calls last no more than 5-10 minutes.
A “Core Coaching” session is an independent time allocated for a specific issue that needs extra attention and focus. Core Coaching sessions can be scheduled outside of the usual four sessions each month.
A life coach works with people who are mentally and emotionally healthy and who want support to achieve stated goals in their lives, whether their careers, finances, relationships, or even in their spiritual growth. This isn’t traditional therapy, although it might feel therapeutic. Therapy is the psychological treatment of mental, emotional, and nervous disorders. A more detailed comparison is available here.
If you become depressed and need help from a therapist, I expect you to seek a therapist or ask me for a referral, as I will not perform that service for you while we are coaching.
Your Life Coach will maintain the confidentiality of your information, except as otherwise authorized by you or required by law.
I promise to resolve any issue to your satisfaction and make it right for you. If something upsets you or doesn’t feel right, please bring it up and we will resolve whatever the issue may be.
It is my hope that our relationship will be life-long. It will take a different form and that form is how we choose together. If you feel as though you need more coaching after you have graduated from the program, we can make a predetermined schedule with monthly or bi-monthly sessions. There is also the option of having an unstructured retainer type of format as well.

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